• Automatically approved business loan/ overdraft

    AMD 1-10 million or foreign currency equivalent business loan/overdraft

  • This loan is designed to help you develop your business and finance day-to-day operations. As part of this offer you can transfer your business loans in other banks and credit organizations to Ameriabank.


    √ Online application

    √ Answer within 5 minutes

    √ No early repayment fee

    √ No estate pledge

    √ Loan disbursement without visiting the bank for Ameriabank account holders who have ID.

    √ Refinancing of loans in other banks without having to visit other banks

  • How to apply




    in the system or log into your page


    “AMD 1-10 million, business loan/overdraft, approved automatically”



    loan amount and currency


    Fill in

    company’s or private entrepreneur's (PE) details



    your answer within 5 minutes

  • If your application meets Ameriabank’s criteria but is not approved automatically, our specialist will visit you and conduct business analysis on site. If approved after on-site review, you can get your loan by visiting the bank on the same day.

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  • Types of automatically approved loans

    AMD 1-10 million or foreign currency equivalent without collateral:

    Collateral-free business loan

    Collateral-free business overdraft

    You can get your overdraft on your current account or business card.

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