Yes, you can apply online for any business loan, and our specialist will contact you back. You can also track the lending process online through the platform. :

Yes, you can in case of loans up up to AMD 10 million, If you are an Ameriabank client and have an ID card, you can even get the loan online without visiting the Bank.

Information about interest rates for each loan type is available on the webpage of that loan. To go to the webpage of each separate loan, select that loan from the menu. If you have further questions, call us at +374 10 561111 or visit the nearest branch office. For information about our locations and work hours click here .

Ameriabank provides loans after analyzing your creditworthiness. Loans in other banks are not necessarily a deal breaker, as long as your creditworthiness ratios meet our standards. You can also consolidate your loans in other banks by transferring them to Ameriabank. If your loan is within AMD 20 million, you can have your loans in other banks transferred to and refinanced by Ameriabank automatically, without having to visit other banks.

ՕTo apply for a loan, you need to provide certain basic data about your company or business (TIN, ID). Depending on the type of loan you choose, other documents or information might be required at further stages, which you can upload on our platform without having to visit the bank in person.

Yes, you can consolidate your loans in other banks and transfer them to Ameriabank. Loans within AMD 20 million can be transferred to and refinanced by Ameriabank automatically, no need to visit other banks for formalities.

Yes, Ameriabank does not finance the following industries: 1. Production or trade in any product or activity deemed illegal under the Republic of Armenia laws or regulations or international conventions and agreements 2. Production or trade in weapons and munitions 3. Gambling, casinos and equivalent enterprises 4. Trade in precious stones 5. Currency exchange office 6. Brokerage or bookmaking offices 7. Production, use of or trade in hazardous substances (like radioactive materials) other than pesticides and fertilizers used in agriculture. Check out the list of restrictions here