POS/consumer finance/account turnover-based SME overdrafts on business cards (Visa Business/MasterCard)


Loan type

POS/consumer finance/account turnover-based SME overdrafts on business cards



Travel and entertainment expenses and other payments of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs



Legal entities and individual entrepreneurs with at least 6-month business history


Exclusion list

1. Production or trade in any product or activity deemed illegal under the Republic of Armenia laws or regulations or international conventions and agreements
2. Production or trade in weapons and munitions
3. Gambling, casinos and equivalent enterprises
4. Trade in precious stones
5. Currency exchange office
6. Brokerage or bookmaking offices
7. Production, use of or trade in hazardous substances (like radioactive materials) other than pesticides and fertilizers used in agriculture


Creditworthiness assessment*

According to the approved criteria






Loan conditions

Minimum and maximum loan limit

• Up to 40% of average monthly cash flows through accounts with Ameriabank during the most recent 6-12 months, within AMD 1,000,000-20,000,000 or its equivalent in foreign currency
• The credit limit for the client with at least 3-month cash flow history with Ameriabank shall be based on the cash flows through the client's accounts with Ameriabank for 3 months and the net turnover with the other banks for at least 3-9 preceding months, within AMD 1,000,000-20,000,000, provided that the client transfers his/her accounts turnover with other banks to Ameriabank.

If credit line is issued to clients offering consumer financing who have POS-terminals:

• Difference between 10x of the average monthly POS or consumer finance turnover via the existing accounts with Ameriabank and amount of collateral-free loans at Ameriabank, within AMD 1,000,000-50,000,000 or its equivalent in foreign currency
• The same approach is applied to the net turnover through accounts with other banks provided that such POS or consumer finance turnover is transferred to Ameriabank.

Term (months)

12 months

Annual interest rate (fixed)

(effective rate: 17.9%)

(effective rate: 14.5%)

(effective rate: 12.8%)

Term (months)

36 months

Annual interest rate (fixed)

(effective rate: 18.3%)

(effective rate: 14.8%)

(effective rate: 13.1%)

Term (months)

60 months

Annual interest rate (fixed)

(effective rate: 19.3%)

(effective rate: 15.8%)

(effective rate: 14.1%)

Annual interest rate (fixed) if the credit line is issued to clients offering consumer financing and having POS-terminals

(effective rate: 16.1-18.6%)

(effective rate: 12.7-15.1%)

(effective rate: 11-13.4%)

Loan disbursement fee

1% of the loan amount
• N/a in case of overdrafts issued via business cards on the basis of POS/consumer finance turnover


Loan modification application fee


Card terms

Card issuance


Annual service

AMD 20,000

Additional card issuance


Annual service of additional card

AMD 5,000

Card blocking


Keeping the card in international STOP-LIST** (for 7 days)

AMD 9,000

Card unblocking


Maximum daily cash withdrawal limit


Cash withdrawal

  From Ameriabank ATMs and cashing facilities: 1%
(n/a if credit line is issued to clients offering consumer financing and having POS-terminals) • From ATMs and cashing centers of other banks servicing ArCa cards: 1.5%, minimum AMD 1000 • From other ATMs and cashing centers: 2%, minimum AMD 2,000

Non-cash transactions


 Quick activation of the card account balance (maximum within 1 hour after depositing of funds)

AMD 2,000

Review of card credit limit

AMD 3,000

SMS notification (for operations in the amount of AMD 10,000 or foreign currency equivalent and more)


 Card-to-card transfers


Forms of loan repayment

Grace period



Monthly repayment of interest, with the payment of principal at the end of the term. Any payments and credits to the card account shall be applied for the settlement of interest outstanding as of the moment.


Eligible security

1. Pledge of cash flows through the account
2. Personal guarantee of the business founder/beneficial owner
3. In case of turnover-based overdrafts issued via business cards, a guarantee by another individual and/or entity is required. Furthermore, the source of the guarantor’s income should not depend on the financed business, and there should be no material delays in the guarantor’s credit history (no more than 30 overdue days within the recent 2 years but max 10 consecutive overdue days)

LTV ratio (based on the liquidation value of the additional security)

1. Up to 40% of average monthly net cash flows
If credit line is issued to clients offering consumer financing and having POS-terminals, 10x of average monthly POS or consumer finance turnover
(Should this ratio be breached during the loan term, the credit limit may be reviewed or revoked)

2.  In case of additional security the credit limit may exceed 40% of the average cash flows, in which case the LTV ratio for the amount over the credit limit shall be as follows below:
1.  70% for the pledge of real estate; 80% if the DSR is at least 1.5.
2. 50% for the pledge of vehicles
3. 40% for the pledge of plant and equipment and working assets, not to exceed 30% of the value of the aggregate security
4. 80% for the pledge of metal accounts in gold
5. in case of cash collateral at Ameriabank/bonds issued by Ameriabank:
-90% if currency of the collateral is the same as of the loan
-70% if currencies of the collateral and the loan are different
The age of vehicles is max 12 years for foreign brand vehicles other than vehicles made in Russia, China and Iran, in which case max age is 8 years

Loan service fees***

Modification of the loan terms

AMD 25,000

Substitution of pledged property (for real estate; including change of the property owner)  

AMD 20,000

Substitution of pledged property (for vehicles; including change of the owner of the pledged vehicles)

AMD 10,000

Provision of pledge-related consents, permissions and references

AMD 10,000 (VAT included)

Change of the loan repayment date

AMD 10,000


Early repayment



Late payment fines and penalties

The interest rate specified in the loan agreement shall continue to be applied to overdue loans.
Fine in the amount of 0.13 % of overdue loan/interest for each day beyond terms


*No creditworthiness ratios are calculated and no business analysis and proof of income are required for loans secured by cash and metal accounts in gold.

**Suspension of unauthorized card transactions worldwide

***The fee is charged if the modification is requested by client. Where there are several applicable fees for the same modification, the highest fee is charged and only once. Fees are not applicable in case of loans secured by cash, bonds and metal accounts. If the modification implies adding new pledge or involving a new guarantor, no fee is charged.